Financial & Budget Support Services

Our Specialist Areas

Financial Support Services

OCGI covers a broad area of financial consulting needs, from financial analysis and consulting services for individual clients, to Government cost analysis and financial audits for large Government contracts, to accounting/ billing/ bookkeeping services. OCGI can assist private sector companies in setting up accounting systems that are DCAA-compliant and can withstand Federal audits for cost-type Government contracts.

OCGI personnel provide the following financial support services:

  • Analyze Vendor Cost Accounting Systems in Accordance with DCAA Regulations (for cost-type contracts)

  • Financial Administration (to include tracking and monitoring of commitments, obligations, transfers and disbursements of specific accounting and appropriation data, as well as trend analysis)

  • Perform Cost Analysis of Vendor Proposals and Prepare Written Analysis for Government Evaluation of Bids and Offers

  • Review DCAA Audit Summaries and Make Recommendations for Cost Overrun Requests

Budget Support Services

OCGI utilizes financial tracking tools that are agency-specific in order to track and monitor commitments, obligations, transfers, and disbursements of specific accounting and appropriation data. In addition, our highly-trained personnel perform Un-Liquidated Obligations (ULOs) and Commitments document research (including verification and validation that account balances are properly documented and correct). When necessary, OCGI staff will recommend adjustments to the appropriate Government Budget Analyst for incorrect balances and process approved adjustments.

Team members provide insight in terms of trend analysis on the time to make the award for any obligations received from internal sources or external Agencies.

Finally, our personnel do a wide range of research across pertinent Financial Management regulations in order to advise Government leadership on the appropriate use of funding or technical requirements.

Invoice Administration

OCGI provides invoicing support services to both assist with the administration of the financial and business functions of various Federal Agencies as well as to reduce the administrative workload of the Contract Specialists and Contracting Officers throughout their respective Contracting Offices. OCGI support staff analyzes invoices in accordance with established Federal and Agency-specific policies. Invoice administration tasks may include the development, implementation, and/or documentation of current or new invoicing activities or initiatives, on an as-needed basis. As part of these activities, the team does the following:

  • Perform thorough review of invoice to ensure that rates and prices are in accordance with contract terms and review contract/order to determine appropriate method of payment.

  • Prepare correspondence to vendor, with documented issues, if invoice is unacceptable.

  • Maintain a detailed electronic log of all invoice transactions for a specific contractor and attach approved invoices to contract file.

  • Troubleshoot any payment or invoice processing issues.

  • Review/research contract to ascertain that funds were drawn from the proper lines of accounting and assist with the reconciliation of balances for each funding line.

Benefits to Clients

Financial Man​agement

  • Assurance that cost proposals are accurate and contractor accounting practices are in line with DCAA standards/requirements in order to potentially withstand GAO or DCAA audits relative to the award of a contract or subsequent contractor compliance after contract award.
  • Efficiency is increased due to a streamlined verification and approval process that produces a shorter timeline overall for funds transfers within the Budget Office for both existing and new contracts.
  • Government Budget personnel are freed up to be able to perform “inherent Government functions” in a more timely manner, especially during the end of the fiscal year, when mission-critical funding is required to be obligated.
  • Robust, secure and stable technology solutions for data cleansing and conversion, database design, development and maintenance, architecture solutions, and data verification/validation.

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Fraud, error, and inefficiency are minimized through continuous process improvement and monitoring of control mechanisms.
  • Realization testing methods are utilized to calibrate control frameworks.

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Drive performance with consistent financial and operational information.
  • Dynamic planning, budgeting and forecasting techniques ensures adaptation to business change.

Scalable and Adaptable Financial Processes

  • Quickly integrate business change with service platform that supports: Investment portfolio management, cash management and balance reporting, budgeting, account reconciliation, and financial/statistical analysis.
  • Support growth at lower cost through development and integration of repeatable regulatory-compliant processes.
  • Meet varied reporting standards with flexible data modeling.

Invoice Administration

  • Improve the efficiencies of the invoice processing procedures.
  • Improve the tracking of payment queries.