Contracts & Acquisitions Support Services

OCGI provides full, cradle-to-grave contract and acquisition expertise to the Federal Government for both large and simplified acquisitions.

The contract/acquisition support personnel are fully versed in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and agency-specific regulations in order to provide our clients maximum efficiency in the completion of their tasks and significantly reduce the time (PALT) required for successful contract award.

OCGI has available the following highly-skilled staff:  Contract Processors, Acquisition Technicians/Specialists, Finance Specialists, Budget Processors, Closeout Specialists, Invoice Administrators and Contract Proposal Auditors.  They perform contracts/acquisition support services, both pre and post-award.  OCGI offers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who provide guidance and knowledge to Government leadership, program officials, and other contracting personnel concerning acquisition strategy to fulfill the requirements of the Acquisition Plan in order to ensure prompt and successful execution of contract actions.

These personnel serve on teams under Contracting Officers in order to assist with administration and modification of all contract types, the preparation of all contract documentation prior to award, as well as the auditing (in compliance with DCAA regulations) of both proposals and contractor accounting systems.

The functions listed below represent a sampling of the tasks that OCGI performs for its customers within Federal agencies.  These tasks free up the Government Contracting Officers and Contract Specialists to be able to focus on and perform “inherently Government functions” that are critical to mission success. In addition, “parallel processing” provides the ability to position larger requirements for immediate award upon receipt of funds.

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The quality of service is top notch and exceeded my expectations. The customer service team was very helpful and made sure all my questions were answered.

Andy James

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Ms. Osmun’s personable nature, coupled with her initiative, dedication and integrity, has been the keystone for the success of her team and our ability to succeed in our mission. The services provided by Ms. Osmun and her company have been invaluable and serve as a tremendous asset to our division.

Division Chief, Adelphi Contracting Division

ACC-APG (Army)

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I enjoyed working with Orion and I must say, they really exceeded all my expectations.

Warwick Blake

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